Welcome To Rivendell Alpacas

Our Herd

Crystal and Rowan came back with us from California.  Then Crystal had a cria, and Rowan had a cria, and we bought Summer, and Summer had a cria.  Now we have many more.  They would all like to meet you.

Hats, Scarves, Etc.

We shear the alpacas once a year, and Jill makes felted hats and slippers and mittens from their fleece.  She weaves scarves from 100% alpaca yarn.  She also conducts half-day workshops where you can make your own hats and slippers and mittens, and learn the craft of felting.  More

About Alpacas

They originate from Peru and Bolivia and Chile, in the South American Andes mountains.  Their fleece is warmer and softer than wool.  They eat grass hay.  Their gestation period is just over 11 months.  They’re related to camels.  More

Alpacas For Sale

We’ve been building our alpaca herd and trading animals with other alpaca owners for several years, and now we’re offering the prize-winning results of our breeding program for sale.  Call us for prices, package deals, and special offers.

Schedule Of Events:

All of our tours and public events are cancelled for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.  

You can buy items from our farm store by calling in your order.  We'll take payment by credit card over the phone, and we’ll either mail you order or leave it on our front porch for pickup, whichever you prefer.  

There will be a $7 charge for mailing.

As we “shelter in place”, we hope that you too are doing all that you can to stay safe and healthy.


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